The “Sweet Traditions” Story

People often ask the question “what prompted us to start a sweet shop.” Well, our story actually started many generations ago. You see, our families, on both sides, are seeped in traditions pertaining to food. Gary and I have families where food is the backdrop to every gathering. Our grandmothers could put a meal on the table for a bunch of people at a moment’s notice. While Gary’s grandparents on both sides had their own restaurants, my family was rich in Hungarian traditions. So, we come by it naturally.
I never liked the kitchen when I was younger. But when I married Gary, he encouraged me to be a better cook. And I fell in love with the art of cooking. Even though I love all kinds of cooking, I love the “sweet end” the most!
I started to do as my parents did when I was growing up. They would always, at holiday time, bake all kinds of sweets. From Hungarian Pastries to home-made Fudges. They would make trays and give them to friends and family. So I did the same for my friends. I made up tins of goodies and gave them as gifts at Christmas to our friends. Our friends enjoyed the tins so much they would tell us we should sell our sweets as a business.
Gary has long been my biggest fan. He has always encouraged me and supported me in anything I wanted to do. So, when a friend (Peg Earl) introduced us to Kathy Robart (owner of “Morning Glory Café”), Kathy said we could use her kitchen during her off hours. Gary and I sat down and decided we should give it a try and “Sweet Traditions” was born. We named it “Sweet Traditions” because most of our products come from family traditions and recipes. And we are proud of our heritage. Home-made is all our families knew. And we try to carry on that tradition one batch at a time. From the pastries to the fudge, we still make our products one batch at a time, with lots of help from our family and lots of love!
Little did we know, two years ago, when we were selling our fudge, toffee and caramels at Fairs, that it would have led us to opening our own shop.
Today we are known as “Sweet Traditions – Pastry & Confection Shoppe”. We hope your visit with us is a memorable one and that you will make us anew “Sweet Tradition” in your family.
Gary and Karen Cihak